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Discover the power of raw bee ingredients in a prestigious line-up of gourmet raw honey and healthy skincare products. Our products nourish, protect and restore and come with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. We’re about taking care of our customers and offering them only quality products.

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Our bee products contain one or more of five bee ingredients: BeeswaxRaw HoneyPropolisPollen and Royal Jelly (a few of our products have only honey scents). Our products are healthy for you and great for your skin.

All Queen’s Harvest gourmet food products are USA-based and contain 100% USA raw honey. Our Queen’s Harvest gourmet food line provides a great, healthy variety of 100% raw gourmet, kosher, whipped and infused honeys.

Today, we proudly offer top USA and international natural beauty skincare products, with our primary focus on USA-based companies.

Our skincare lines are high performance and contain unique and powerful blends of bee superfoods. All Built By Bee’s products are paraben and S.L.S. free, with no fillers. They are elegant and smell great, and they are effective – providing fast and visible results.

All products are for both ladies and men and all products have been used in-house by staff and family members. They have been thoroughly tested for high efficacy, consistent results and excellent value.

Treat your skin with beauty products offering effective blends of raw honey, propolis, bee pollen, beeswax, royal jelly and even bee venom.

Why bee ingredients? We’re glad you asked! Raw honey is a humectant that draws moisture into your skin. Propolis is a world renowned healing antiseptic. Bee pollen stimulates cell renewal and regeneration. Beeswax is a combination of strength and beauty, retaining moisture and creating luster and shine. Royal jelly is abundant in proteins, amino acids and biotin. It’s great on skin and helps restore hair and brittle nails. Bee Venom is a significant anti-inflammatory and is commonly used for rheumatoid arthritis, nerve pain and tendonitis. All together, these gourmet raw honey offerings are healthy and will take great care of your skin.

Today, we also carry a few exceptional candle and perfume products that are honey-scented, yet contain no bee ingredients.

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