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Honey Pot Vanilla Infused Honey

Fresh Madagascar and Mexican vanilla beans steeped with vanilla-infused raw honey create this super smooth texture with an intoxicatingly rich aroma and flavor.Excellent on cheese, meat, salad and bread, this gourmet honey turns ordinary foods into a memorable experience.Raw honey is the ultimate alternative to processed sugar. Its super high enzyme count promotes digestive health, fights premature signs of aging and helps regulate blood pressure. It also provides a natural energy boost with high nutritional value.Vanilla is a strong immunity booster and antioxidant that aids in digestion, lowering cholesterol and treating coughs. Make Vanilla Infused Honey part of your daily diet.

Three Jar Bundle of Honey for Coffee & Tea Lovers

$16.50 $15.95
At festivals such as Christmas Made in the South, the Georgia National Fair and the Christmas Village Festival in Alabama, people repeatedly tell us that these are the three honeys that they enjoy the most with their coffee or tea, so we put the three of them in a holiday bundle for you! It includes the three following jars of honey:Expresso Whipped Honey: Columbian Espresso coffee meets raw US Grade A Clover Honey in this whipped delicacy. We chill and slowly churn the honey and espresso powder to create an unforgettably robust, thick, and creamy experience. Cinnamon Whipped Honey: We blend imported and certified raw-kosher Ceylon and Korinje Cinnamon with 100% pure US Grade A Clover Honey to create this sweet spread. The sweet and spicy undertones balance perfectly with the bright and warm aromatic flavors.  Vanilla Infused Honey: Raw honey infused with vanilla beans from Madagascar and Mexico. Naturally, it’s got an addictive aroma and flavor.If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to processed sugar to help you sweeten that morning cup, honey is a great bet. Whether it’s a cappuccino with the Vanilla Infused Honey or a cup of Chai with our Cinnamon-Whipped Honey, coffee and tea drinkers alike will find new healthy habits with this holiday bundle.All our kinds of honey are raw and sugar free, gluten-free, zero additives, never heated, and proudly made with non-GMO ingredients in the United States.Ribbon shown is not part of package.